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Little Howlers Hockey

Little Howlers Hockey

The Arizona Amateur Hockey Association has joined forces with the Arizona Coyotes, One Goal and our local rinks to bring you Little Howlers Hockey.

Little Howlers is an on-ice youth hockey program for children ages 4-8 and provides a risk free introduction to hockey. 

Within (4) one hour ice sessions kids learn the basics of skating and the great game of hockey. Equipment is provided FREE of charge including skates and a fitting session is scheduled before the program begins to ensure a great fit and proper dressing methods. Ice time is donated by each local hockey rink, and the programs is entirely FREE.  All that is required is a small monetary deposit which is returned once the equipment is turned back in.  

Little Howlers Hockey program is open to kids ages 4-8 who are not currently enrolled in a skating or hockey program. Clinics run throughout the year so check out our calendar for dates, times and locations. Register through the below link:

Little Howlers of the Month - Zoey R. and Sadie R.

Meet skating sisters Zoey R. (age 6) and Sadie R. (age 4)!

For these girls it's all about the coaching and they LOVE their Little Howlers coach, Matt Shott.

As Sadie, puts it "Coach Matty is a REAL hockey player and better than Howler because Howler doesn't skate, he's a COYOTE!"

Zoey is equally taken with Coach Matty and told us that he taught her how to skate and she can do it all by herself now! 

Zoey and Sadie enjoy the skating portion of the Little Howlers program but mom Rachel says Zoey is really good with her stick too. The girls love watching hockey and Zoey likes to see who wins, and of course she always hopes it's the Arizona Coyotes! 

The girls graduated Little Howlers in June at AZ Ice Peoria and will be attending skating classes in the fall.

Good luck girls and keep skating!