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Executive Committee

Tim Reckell - President

Jim Rogers - Vice President/Treasurer

Sarah Dennee - Secretary

The role of the Executive Committee will be to act on behalf of the board of directors during the interim times between board meetings.  The Executive Committee will review any major issues facing the organization, making preliminary decisions, to be ratified by the board as a whole at the actual board meeting.

Tier 1/Hockey Operations

Geoff Pashkowski - Chair
Sarah Dennee - Secretary

Kenny Corupe
Mike DeAngelis
Kurt Goar
Jeremy Goltz
Joth Jacobson
Tom Johnson
Leeor Shtrom
Sean Whyte

Disciplinary Committee

Bruce Urban - Chairperson
Tim Reckell
Adam Mims
Evan Gavrilles
Stacy Shupe
Kristy Aguirre
Matt Eltman

By-Law and Policy Committee

Sarah Dennee - Chairperson
Sherri Koshiol
Bruce Urban
Jeff Farr
Geoff Pashkowski
Tim Reckell

Financial Committee

Jim Rogers
Brian Gallagher
Jim Curley
Evan Gavrilles
Kayman Wong


David Lieb - Chairperson
Cammielle Becker - Co-Chair

Mite Jamboree

James Goon - Chairperson
Steve Eshew
Adam Brill
Kayman Wong

Social Media Committee

Matt Shott
Sharon Enck
Tim Reckell

2017 National Championships Committee

Arizona Amateur Hockey Association