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AZ State Championships Tier I, Tier II and AZYHL (Travel) Are Coming

By AAHA, 12/14/20, 4:15PM MST


Yes, the State Championships are coming and the dates are  now ready to be announced, not the team matchups as the league standings determine those, but it won't be long now even for those.

Covid has delayed the specifics as a number of league games have had to rescheduled due to Covid, but we are catching up and the specifics around the schedules should be announced very soon.

The Tier I State Championships in all five leagues will be a best two out of three affair with the top two teams from league play facing off.

The dates are set have been set for between February 2nd and 10th and as soon as we know the top two finishing teams in each league the schedules with locations and times will be announced on this page.

The Tier II State Championships are bit more involved with the top four teams in the 14U & 16U leagues qualifying.  In the 18U League there is only two teams so they will both qualify.

There will be a six game round robin between the top four finishing teams in League play at 14U & 16U and then a best two out of three series for the top two teams from the round robin.

For 18U it will be a best two out of three series from the outset.

The date of February 25th is set for the start of all of the fun and the playoffs will last until March 7th depending on the "if necessary" games in each League.

For AZYHL (Travel/House) the State Championships is basically the end of the season for these teams. There are no District or National tournaments to qualify for for the teams in AZYHL, so these tournaments have been moved out to March 16th or 17th through March 21st.

All Arizona based teams that participated in AZYHL Leagues are eligible and a minimum of four games is attempted for each team, some leagues do not have enough teams participating for this to happen. The winner will be determined a bit differently in each of the leagues depending on the number of teams in their respective tournament.

Due to travel consideration for teams out of the immediate Phoenix area and the League rule to give preference to matchups based on finish in league play the specific schedules will not be available until much later in the season, but you can mark the dates of March 16th to March 21st as the tournament start and finish.