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2022-23 Arizona Tier II State Championship Schedules & Tie-Breaker Rule

By AAHA Tournament Committee, 12/31/22, 11:30AM MST


The Tier II State Championships schedules are now available, as in previous years these schedules are intended for the dates, times and locations, the teams will be determined by the league standings and as soon as know they will added.

All of scores, standings and action will be available as the tournament progresses right here, but for now the link below can be used to track the season as it progresses.

Tune back in and as soon as the teams are known we will get the schedules updated to include team names.

Tie-Breaker for Seating and Final League Standings

Appendix B: AAHA Playing Rules, Section 1.13 Tie Breaker, updated as at April 2022

 1.13.1 Regular Season Games  

      a. Most wins  

      b. Head-to-Head  

      c. Goal differential (Goals scored minus Goals allowed) Note*

      d. Goal quotient (Goals scored divided by Goals allowed) Note*  

      e. A maximum of a seven-goal differential in any game shall be 

                     used in determining goal differential or goal quotient in tie-breakers at the end of the season. Note *

      f. Coin flip


    Note: the AAHA Playing Rules do not stipulate for these if this is "all" league games or only head-to-head

                  league games so the decision has been made to use 2023 USA Hockey Tournament guidebook as the

                  guide for this and it stats to use the results of only the head-to-head games played between the tied