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2018-19 AAHA (AZYHL) Travel Hockey State Tournament Schedules/Standings & Game Results

By Charles Knotts, 02/11/19, 1:45PM MST


2018-19 AAHA Travel Hockey State Tournament Seeding & Tournament Tiebreaker Rules

All State based teams who have participated in the AZYHL leagues and are in 'good standing' are eligible to play in and are included in the AAHA Travel Hockey State Tournament. As all teams are eligible it was decided that what advantage there may be, i.e. scheduling the tournament, that the teams should be seeded as they finished in league play, whatever advantage in scheduling there might be should be awarded to the 1st place team in league play.

It was further decided that accommodations should be made for the teams traveling from out of the greater Phoenix area so as to not have them traveling during the week, where ever that accommodation could reasonable be made.

The Tie Breaker rules enacted for seeding in this Tournament and for the Tournament itself are as follows:

  1. Most Wins 
  2. Head-to-Head - results (outcome) of games played Head-to-Head.
  3. Goal Differential - Goals scored minus Goals allowed
    • A maximum of a seven Goal Differential in any game be used in determining the Goal Differential.
  4. Goal Quotient - Goals scored divided by Goals allowed
    • A maximum of a seven Goal Quotient in any one game shall be used in determining goal Quotient. 
  5. Coin flip

2018-19 AAHA Travel Hockey State Tournament Playing Rules

  • All games are to be played as scheduled and will be played by the AAHA Travel Hockey (AZYHL) Regular Season playing rules which include; a runtime third period if the game curfew is in doubt; a runtime clock as soon as a six goal differential is achieved; and no Overtime or Shootout.
  • In the 12U Elite Division which is a best two out of three game series the first two games can end in a tie, but a tie and win is a series win. If there is a third game and it should end in a tie, there will be Overtime and a shootout if necessary.
  • If the Championship game in any series is tied in regulation time there will be a 5 minute runtime sudden death Overtime period played 4 on 4. If at the end of the 5 minute Overtime period the two teams are still tied there will be a three man shootout. If still tied it will then be a sudden death shootout. In the event of a Shootout the Home team will get the option whether they shoot first or last. Any players in the penalty box at the end of regulation time must finish serving their penalties. The time needed in Overtime for the penalties to expire will be played at stop time as long as the penalties occurred in regulation time, but as soon as all penalties (not major or misconduct penalties) received in regulation time have been served the Overtime period will immediately become running time. All penalties assessed in Overtime will be served as running time. If a team should have two players serving penalties at the conclusion of regulation time, the Overtime will begin 5 on 3 until both of those penalties have been served. At the first available whistle after the penalties have been served the teams will go to 4 on 4 and running time. If a shootout is necessary, the Head Coaches may choose any three players to shoot, but no player may shoot a second time until all available non-goalie skaters have had at least one chance to shoot.  Any player still serving a penalty at the end of the Overtime period is not eligible to participate in the shootout.
  • ALL Teams must have a copy of their USA Hockey, Dec 31st, 2018 1T roster available for roster Verification. The Team Manager must have access to the 1T roster at the rink. AAHA rules to not allow a player roster after Dec 31st, 2018 to participate in the AAHA (AZYHL) State Tournament.
  • The line-up on the scoresheet must NOT include any player not on the teams 1T Dec 31st, 2018 roster.
  • ALL scoresheets must be signed by the Team Head Coaches and the Referee for the game to be official.
  • Each team must provide a penalty box attendant for all Tournament games at all Levels. The penalty box attendant must be an adult (18 years old or older). Injured or otherwise not playing members of a team may NOT act as a penalty box attendant.
  • Only 1T Rostered USA Hockey certified Coaches are allowed on the bench during the game. Other team parents, team photographers/videographers or anyone else not on the Teams 1T Roster as a team official  are not allowed on the bench under any circumstances. There will be a limit of 4 Coaches/Team Officials allowed on the bench for any game.

Duties/Responsibilities of the Home team's Team Managers:

  • Pick up the pre-printed official hockey scoresheet from the rink Administrative Office.
  • Ensure that the scoresheet is properly filled out for your team and signed by your Head Coach.
  • Distribute to the Visiting team's Team Manager at least 30 minutes before game time, for them to properly fill out and sign.
  • Pick up the scoresheet from the Visiting team's Team Manager and deliver it to the scorekeeper at least 15 minutes before game time.
  • After the game collect the scoresheet from the scorekeeper, ensuring that it has been signed by the Referee and that all of the officials, including the scorekeeper name's are printed on the scoresheet and legible. If they are not, return the scoresheet to the scorekeeping requesting that this be done.
  • Take a photo of the scoresheet and immediately send to Before sending be sure to have saved the photo as 'original' or 'actual' and confirm that the photo is readable. If the Referee has done a write-up on the back of the scoresheet be sure to have photoed both the front and back and send both.
  • Photocopiers may not be available at all of the rinks so will send a copy to both team's Team Managers as soon as the results of the game have been posted upon request.
  • Return the completed scoresheet to the folder at the Administrative office of the rink.
  • Confirm that "BOTH" dressing rooms have been properly cleaned up. If not cleaned properly please send a note to DO NOT clean the dressing rooms the rink will do that, but they also may charge us if the dressing rooms are not left in a reasonable condition.
  • if you should have any questions the contacts are as follows:
    • AZ Ice Gilbert: Tara Heiman (602-617-1670) or Jennifer Triant (480-236-4284);
    • Ice Den Scottsdale: Tony Radke (602-721-6049);
    • Ice Den Chandler: Cindy Hawkins (480-292-3405);
    • AZ Ice Arcadia: Bill Jones (602-359-1153);
    • AZ Ice Peoria: Becky Taylor (480-544-2969)
    • Charlie Knotts (909-744-7318),


10U Cactus

(being played at the Ice Den - Scottsdale & Chandler)

10U Mesquite

(being played at the Ice Den - Scottsdale & Chandler)

10U Canyon

(being played at AZ Ice - Arcadia)

12U Pinnacle

(being played at the Ice Den - Scottsdale & Chandler)

12U Cactus

(being played at the Ice Den - Scottsdale & Chandler)

12U Mesquite

(being played at AZ Ice - Gilbert)

12U Canyon

(being played at AZ Ice - Gilbert)

14U Mesquite

(being played at Jay Lively Even Center, Flagstaff)

14U Canyon

(being played at Oceanside Ice Arena, Tempe)