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Background Screening Information page



Effective July 16, 2012, the AAHA Board of Directors passed the AAHA Background Screening Policy bringing the Arizona Affiliate in compliance with the USAH SafeSport Program.

Background Screening is required to be ‘renewed’ every TWO (2) years.  The web site has been updated on the individual ‘Letter’ tabs to reflect the year the background screening will ‘expire’.  All background screenings expire on August 31 of the year noted in the column titled “Background Screening”.

Along with the required background screening, everyone in a position noted below in the “Who Needs The Screening and Training” will be required to complete the USAH SafeSport Training Program.  This On-Line video training program can be found on the USAH web site ( and then by clicking on the "Safety" tab.  NOTE: Beginning 2019 the SafeSport Training MUST be completed EVERY year.

It is especially important to note that the policy, as outlined by the USAH SafeSport Program, requires that the Background Screening be completed BEFORE you begin working in/with your assigned or hired position with the Member Association.  Beginning the 2014-15 season, all On-Ice Officials registering will not be able to complete their registration process until they have completed the SafeSport Training.

WHO NEEDS THE SCREENING AND TRAININGAll Coaches (head and assistants), Managers, Official's (On-Ice and Off-Ice), ALL Board Members (for any and all affiliate programs), Program Administrators/Contractors, Team Drivers, Travel Chaperones, Locker Room Monitors, Billeting Families and other individuals who have routine, unaccompanied access to children (anyone under the age of majority [18]).  If you are age 18 or older, and meet one of the mentioned positions, you will be required to comply with the background screening process prior to participating in any AAHA/USAH events/games/practices/officiating, or other activities whether they are on-ice or off-ice.

ALL On-Ice and Off-Ice (Score Keepers) Officials over the age of 18 - no matter the level of game to be officiated, including Adult Leagues, are required to complete the screening/training programs.

ALL persons needing the Background Screening and SafeSport Training are required to register with USA Hockey and provide their USAH Registration Number at the time of submitting their Background Application or registering for the SafeSport training.  NOTE:  You must have your own registration number.  Each person must have the registration number for that specific individual.

Any member found to be in violation of this policy will be immediately suspended from all USAH activity and may apply to the State Affiliate to be reinstated 30 Days after the completion and clearance of the Screening/Training process.

To access the list of 'cleared' applicants, make sure you have "clicked" on the Background/SafeSport TAB at the top of this page - doing so will display the 'LETTER TABS' to the left of this message.

Click on the "Letter Tab" to the left to search for the person (Last Name), year the screening and SafeSport Training will expire and the association the person was affiliated with when 'cleared'. If the name you are searching for is not listed, they have not yet been screened nor approved for any AAHA activities.

To complete your Background Screening process, click the Link Below to access the Online application (no cost to you):

NOTE:  Things you will need to complete the application:  Name, Address, Phone number, Email address, Birth Date, SS number, Driver License number, USA Hockey Registration number (Everyone must register with USAH, either as a Coach, Official or Volunteer).

Those that DO NOT need it are those that complete the application because they are a 'parent'; 'volunteer'; penalty box attendant; 'player'; 'stat tracker'; 'photographer' and a host of other ambiguous positions.  Being a 'volunteer' MAY require a screening, IF we know what they are 'volunteering' to do - so are they bringing the fruit drinks for the after game or are they jumping in to help with one of the above mentioned positions that do require the screening?  Being specific on the application will help prevent any delays in processing your screening request.


Questions/Concerns, contact the AAHA Background Screening Coordinator at: